Choosing The Right Type Of Boiler For You

Choose the right boiler for you and your family with help from McCarthy Plumbing & Heating. We will help make life easier by selecting the right boiler and heating controls for you, improving heating efficiency and saving you money.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler, they are designed to save space in homes, operating as a highly efficient water boiler and a central heating boiler in one single unit. The combi boiler removed the need for a separate hot water cylinder as the water is heated directly from the main supply.

Reasons you should pick combi boiler

Water is heated straight from the mains, so you get hot water on demand.

Combi boilers also deliver the water at mains pressure, removing the need for a separate pump or power shower.

There is no tank in the roof, cutting the costs involved with installation such as materials and cost.

Saves space because there is no need for a hot water cylinder or pump.

Disadvantages of a combi boiler

The level of water pressure in your house is dictated by the strength of your mains water pressure. When multiple taps are on around the house, the pressure may go down.

As the water is heated on demand it may take a few seconds to heat up, resulting in waste water.


Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers are generally found in older properties. They are the perfect new boiler for homes where there is a high demand for hot water or where there are a large number of bathrooms. While offering an effective solution, the hot water cylinder and a cold-water tank that might cause problems for the smaller homes.

Reasons you should choose a conventional boiler

Conventional boilers are able to pass hot water to multiple rooms in a property without weakening water pressure.

An immersion heater can be added to the water cylinder, which means if your boiler breaks down, you can still receive hot water.

Disadvantages of choosing conventional boiler

You may not get instant hot water as water isn’t instantly heated. You will need to program your thermostat to preheat the water before use. This can be a problem if you use a lot of hot water because you may run out before the tank is refilled.

Space is also an issue for smaller home as you will need extra space in your home for the hot water cylinder and cold water tank.

System Boilers

A system boiler works on the same principles as a combi boiler, heating water directly from the mains. Where they differ is that the system boiler also has a storage cylinder making it an ideal boiler for homes that use high volumes of hot water.

Advantages of choosing a system boiler

System boilers are the ideal choice for households where a lot of hot water is used. The stored water in the tank means multiple taps can be used without a drop in pressure.

As system boilers are compact, installation is often quicker and easier to perform than other boiler types. The all-in-one design makes it a popular choice for the smaller home.

Disadvantages of choosing a system boiler

Although compact, system boilers take up more space than a traditional boiler. This is because there is a hot water tank included in the unit. You won’t need a cold water feed tank or cylinder in your roof, which is a key benefit of the system boiler.

Tank size can be an issue so ensure the size you specify is correct for your needs. Re-fitting a replacement tank would be expensive.


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